Sunday, June 28, 2009

Updates on the S-70B's radar

Apparently the contract for the S-70B's radar was announced some time ago but it slipped my notice. So I added a section dedicated to the description of the heli's radar, and restored some of the missing sections which blogspot somehow managed to 'eat' after I copied and pasted it direct from my word .doc.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Portsmouth Naval Base

Went on a 2 week trip to UK early June, And along the way I was at Portsmouth, so of course I had to visit Portsmouth Naval Base. These pics were taken on a sightseeing boat which introduced the RN ships in port. Really cheap at just 5 pounds per person. The rows of ships sure were an impressive sight. These are just some of the pics I took, too many to upload them all.

Type 23s galore. Destined to be in the RN fleet for the forseeable future.

2 Type 42s. The recently decommissioned Exeter was around, and I understand it is the last Falklands War veteran to leave service.

The Type 45 Daring was there in preparation for an Open House sometime in July (Can't remember exact date). Pretty ship.

Interesting pic of the infamous 'ship on the hill'. This pic was taken while on the highway. This mock up of the Type 45 superstructure is used to test the sensor systems of the Type 45. The S1850 long range search radar was rotating at the time.