Saturday, February 21, 2009

Minor update to Formidable Frigate article

Further information found on possible communications link used by RSN, and thus on the frigate. Check the Combat System section for a minor update.


RSN has just completed FLEETEX 2009 which was a major exercise involving some RSAF platforms and a good chunk of RSN's assets, including all 6 frigates. They also gave reporters unprecedented access by embedding them on the RSS Steadfast, thus giving us a further glimpse into the capabilities of the frigates. Along with that comes a new revelation that the RSS Steadfast launched a UAV. For more information, read the updated Formidable class frigate article below.

And if you're wondering about the 054A frigate article... I got to tell you that having so little concrete information released on the 054A frigate makes it very hard to do an article on it. It's at 70%R completion, but progress is going slowly.