Sunday, October 19, 2008

Updates, updates

Just added a small update on more information I came across on the Formidable frigate.

This is what I added. Davis provides IR suppression design services for a number of notable warships like the KDX-III, Nansen frigates, the F-100 Bazans and the Indian P-17s.

"The attention to Low Observables in the frigate design extends to the Infra Red region. Davis Engineering, a defense technology firm specializing in IR and Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic signature management systems, was contracted to provide IR stealth design support to the RSN for the frigate program. While Davis offers different defined levels of IR suppression based on different IR suppression systems, it is not readily observable to what extent the frigate has been equipped with those systems.

Little is also known about how equipped the frigate is in catering for other areas of LO, such as its acoustic and electromagnetic properties."

The small study I did on the PLA missile threat also requires updating. The PLA now has around 1,400 ballistic missiles. That said, the methodology doesn't require updating and anybody interested can get a calculator and do the calculations themselves.

The study also does not address the problem of ballistic missiles fired in low numbers as a suppression measure to hinder airfield operations. That is quite pointless, as a new development has taken place. Taiwan has now purchased the PAC-3, and with low quantities of ballistic missiles fired in a suppression mode, the PAC-3 Patriot systems can easily handle them allowing for at least a period of unhindered airfield operations. The PLAAF and PLAN cannot afford to have the ROCAF achieve air superiority if an invasion of Taiwan is to be carried out. (In any case, the PLA is hardly well equipped now to carry out an invasion of Taiwan, least of actually prevail in one)

The GPS part in the Caveats section also needs updating. Apparently the new generation of GPS sats, known as GPS III, will not feature a selective availability function anymore. This is in line with a promise the US made about them guaranteeing availability of the GPS services.

Also, as a measure of how fast airfields can be repaired, the Israel air force has adopted a new runway repair material which allows for resumption of air base operations within minutes.